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Frequently asked questions

Do you sell to the public?
We do not sell directly to the public. We have a select range of reputable distributors nationally who are well equipped to meet your Evaporative Cooling Filter Pad needs.
Do you sell to the trade?
We have a select range of reputable distributors that we supply our quality CELdek® and Aspen Woodwool pads to. If you would like to be put into contact with one of our distributors, or are interested in becoming a distributor yourself, please contact us.
What impact do your pads have on the environment?
We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and to foster environmental sustainability practices.

Our CELdek® pads are 100% biodegradable and the Aspen Woodwool we use is sourced from only forest product companies who are members of Sustainable Forestry programs, to ensure that the best environmental and forestry management practices are followed. Aspen is a renewable resource and we take great pride in our environmental stewardship.

We have a corporate partnership with Zoos SA to ensure that none of our woodwool is wasted. The animals love our woodwool as a warm and cozy bed.

How long do your pads last?
Our genuine Munters CELdek® pads last 8-12 years depending on the environmental circumstances of where the unit is. Environmental impacts such as salt air, dust, hard water and humidity will affect the life of the pads.

Genuine Aspen pads are effective for around 4 years, again depending on the same environmental factors as listed above.

When should I change my pads?
You should change your CELdek® pads at least once every 8-12 years, and the Aspen woodwool pads at least once every 2-4 years. You will notice when they need to be changed as the efficiency and cooling effectiveness of the unit will diminish.


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